T-Minus 15 Days (Mostly Food)

Jerky in action


We have 15 days left until the hike begins! Not freaking out. Saturday and Sunday we dedicated to gear getting and packing – not training hike trip as original planned. Instead we stocked up on stuff (rain jacket, Platypus gravity works water filter, Platypus 0.5L bottle to serve as flask, tons of stuff sacks and compression sacks, a bunch of caribeeners, tent repair supplies, hiking shorts, headlamp, etc. purchased at two REIs, Feathered Friends, and Nike store) and put together food/resupply boxes.

Last night Jared and I toiled away from morning till night compiling our resupply boxes – food and other supplies (e.g., fuel, baby wipes, TP, bath salts, purell). And our bounce box (extra first aid supplies, aquamira, batteries, matches, bug spray, etc.). It’s amazing how much space food for 5-9 days occupies… Breakfast, dinner, and supplies into one bag. Snacks/lunches into another. Bags will go into boxes. Bags look something like above.

Our food for the next 3 months! Giant cat for scale

Grocery shopping and food prep has been intense – between two carts of food from the Groc Out, classy dried fruit and nuts from the Co-op, dehydrated veggies and beans from harmony house, dehydrating our own fruit and veggies in our homemade dehydrator (mostly banana chips, bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, making homemade jerky – beef and chicken success…salmon jerky smells pretty ripe. and the cats have been tossing the bags around…so we’re not bringing that), tons of snickers, ramen, pasta, rice, couscous, etc. We’ve invested over $1,000 in groceries for 3 months of food… We’re planning to eat somewhere around 9,000 calories/day between the two of us. 6,000 cal/day for Jared. 4,000 cal/day for me. That is, if we want to maintain our current weight. Much of what we’ll be eating will be what we can carry. The rule of thumb is generally 2 lb of food/day/person. A lot of what we’re packing for food is calorie dense (pecans and cashews! 200+ cal/oz, snickers, 20 lbs of m&m’s! etc.) and our numbers are looking good. I’ve been spending most of my jobless days over the past two weeks bagging food. Then bagging that food. Then putting those bags into bigger bags. So many bags. So much food. Breakfasts will mostly be cheesy grits, cornmeal mush, oatmeal with fruit/nuts/milk powder/butter powder, cream of wheat with fruit/nuts/milk powder/butter powder, or dry fruit with peanut butter/nutella (1,500 cal or 950 cal for Jared and 550 cal for Jean). Lunch will be snacking throughout the day (6,500 cal or 2,600 for Jean and 3,900 for Jared…aka whatever we can get). Dinners will be pasta or rice or ramen or couscous or quinoa with veggies or meat or sauce – a few meals are Annies Mac and Cheese with tuna, Ramen with dry pork or beef, Kraft mac and cheese with pepperoni, salmon alfredo, salmon pesto, indian lemon couscous, curry chicken with rice, rice/beans/cheese/spices, quinoa with beans and cheese, etc. (2,000 cal or 1,200 cal for Jared and 800 cal for Jean).

We’re finalizing everything in the next few weeks – from gear to food drop locations. And getting those last minute ingredients in the mail – dehydrated chicken, cheese powder, olive oil packets, packets of lemon juice, etc.  Some of the remaining tasks include boxing up resupply items (picking up flat rate boxes from the post office), final touches on food and making a dozen more dinners, meeting with Mike and Allison on Friday (they’ll be our shipping saviors – putting boxes in the mail 1 1/2-2 weeks before we get to each stop), last things with bags/gear/packing, getting our ‘breakfast bombs’ together (Starbucks via coffee + carnation instant breakfast + dry milk powder (protein powder did not make the cut…too clumpy and goopy in hot water)), and training.

Gear and training posts coming soon…

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