So what have we been doing to get in good physical shape for a 3-month trek on the PCT, you ask? A few different things!

First, we have been hitting the trails in the Cascades. Our goal is to hike in WA every weekend (for 3-4 weeks) leading up to our early May departure. The April 12-13 weekend we did back-to-back Mount Si-Bandera Mountain hikes. We (Jean and Jared) hiked Si on Saturday with our trusty companions Tyler and Sid. The hike was 8 miles roundtrip with a 3,150 ft elevation gain. Fairly crowded, great weather, some clouds, decent views. We opted out of climbing the haystack because it was too crowded (Tyler and Sid scrambled up). We did Bandera on Sunday with Alan and Megan. Bandera was a 7 mi roundtrip hike with 3,000 feet of elevation gain. Not very crowded, and BEAUTIFUL views of Ranier and the entire landscape. Super steep, sketchy descent, trekking poles a must (I’m a convert after this hike). We cancelled our hike we’d been planning this past weekend in favor of prepping for the trip. Next hike? An overnight in the Cascades next weekend…stay tuned.

Us at the top of Bandiera

Second training activity: walking and stair climbing. Seattle is a walking city. Especially in Capitol Hill, where you can and do walk anywhere and everywhere. Our stair goal: climb the Howe Street Stairs (388 stairs and the ‘longest stairs in Seattle’) several times, increasing in number every day. Our latest workout was 4.5 climbs (1 hour) plus walk to/from the stairs (another hour) for a two hour workout.

All of this training has been with a weighted pack. Jared’s latest weight for stairs: ~ 22 lbs. Jean’s latest weight: ~18 lbs. Our next stair training feat? Carrying our loaded packs with gear and more weight…

And stretching. Or at least thinking about stretching. And talking about stretching. Imagining ourselves stretching. Actual stretching is minimal, but a great thing to do! We plan to do more…stay posted for the riveting details…

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