Warner Springs (Day 9)

Early PCT hills, just north of Mexico


Geology in action


Jared and Collin around noon on Scizzors Crossing day



Flowering cactii


Eagle Rock


Finally at Warner Springs! Warm welcome


Does it get any better than a can of Moxie and a foot bath?



We just finished our first epic day yesterday: 24 miles!! From Scizzors crossing to Barrel Springs. We hiked with Colin most of the day, hit mile 100!!, watered up at cache 3, made camp, and solidified Jared’s trail name (Snake Charmer). Whew it was a hot day – Siesta for an hour. Future siestas may be longer…
We rolled into Warner Springs before noon – the sweetest people and the best stop yet: burgers, foot baths, showers, laundry, rides to PO, wifi, and ice cream. We picked up our boxes (thanks Mike & Allison and Mike H!), drank our moxie, and posed like gangstas. Next stop: Idyllwild.

Dessert gangstas



Hitting mile 100 yesterday felt pretty great, I have to say. I hadn’t appreciated the importance of these milestones – but after a week, having a definite sign of accomplishing something bigger than an oversized day hike mattered. Our first 100 (110 really) miles, and our first resupply. 10% done or so!

The people we’ve met in towns have been overwhelmingly kind. Two different people in Warner springs have volunteered to drive us back and forth from the post office, and they have out and out refused our attempts at reciprocation and remuneration. Honestly I was more expecting to be a nuisance – a tolerated nuisance, but a nuisance. Instead people have done their best to help us at every turn and seem genuinely excited about it. Except for that one woman in Julian. You know who you are.

Tomorrow we set off for idyllwild, which I’ve really been looking forward to because idyllwild is an amazing name. It’ll be our first fire detour too – 26 miles of trail is currently closed due to old wildfires. It’s kind of interesting to talk to people about how they plan to get around it, as folks have different philosophies. Some people are intent on walking everywhere no matter what, while others don’t mind hitching a section if the trail is damaged. I think we will probably walk it as the detour only adds about 4 miles. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion…

Miles hiked – 109
Miles per day – 12.8
Day 8 – 24 mi
Day 9 – 9 mi
Blisters – Jean 2+, Jared 1 1/2

7 thoughts on “Warner Springs (Day 9)

    1. Well you see in the blister life cycle…early in a young blisters life or late in the waning years of blisterdom, one may encounter a halvesie

  1. Hi J & J

    Good news for you. It’ll be cooling off in Southern California starting today.
    Maybe cutting in on your siesta time.

    1. Hi N! That’s great news! The past few days have been brutal and the siestas very long. Thanks for the weather report, we love it! Keep the news coming!

  2. YOU GOT MY BOX!!! YEEESSS! I hope you laughed half as much as I did when I put it together

    1. We got your box…and it was great!! I can imagine you chucking and shaking your head now… At first there was confusion but then the moxie kicked it and it all started coming together. Nice touch on the water guns. They make nice pack decorations that really say BADASS – don’t mess with us 🙂

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