McDonalds (Day 27)


We made it to Cajon Pass – 76 miles north of Big Bear. Splints are on the mend with the help of an ankle brace. We just gorged ourselves on McDonalds – the light at the end of our tunnel – fries, burgers, nuggets, soda, shakes, salad…now entering food coma…more details of the last few days coming soon…

McDonalds is an official PCT destination


2 thoughts on “McDonalds (Day 27)

  1. Impressive recovery, Jean. Is this part of “significant rest”? Maybe the McDonald’s feed is part of that protocol . Thanks for the update!

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    1. While a week off my feet doesn’t seem significant, it definitely was as far as PCT time goes! We hiked in 9 miles the first day (with an exit strategy back to Big Bear at our campsite that first night) – where I noticed that my right ankle (and not my left) buckles in when I bend my leg. The solution? An ankle brace, ankle taping, and a new hiking style. Jared hiked/hitched into town to get me an ankle brace and athletic tape, which was amazing! And the ankle support seriously helped which is also exciting! I put 70-80 miles on my shins and they are feeling good – REALLY good – to my surprise even. The McDonalds was icing on the cake 🙂

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