MYOG No.4 – Cuben Fiber eVent Rain Mitts

GEAR: Cuben Fiber eVent Rain Mitts

WEIGHT: 0.55 ounces

DIMENSIONS: perfectly sized to fit my hands

COST TO MAKE: ~$15 ($30-$50 savings)

USE: Over mitts for use in the rain to keep my hands dry and warm

WILL I USE IT?: Yes. I have used them and will continue to use them.

Getting ready to hike the Long Trail in Vermont means getting ready for rain. Vermont is often called Vermud, and you can’t have mud without water. And this means rain. I hiked the LT in June-July of 2015. It was the rainiest June on record in Vermont. I was happy to have my tarp/poncho, but also my rain mitts.

Rain mitts
Rain mitts

With extra Cuben Fiber-eVent laying around, making rain overmitts was an obvious choice.

The mitts were made using 1.62 oz/sqyd “Challenger” Waterproof Breathable Cuben Fiber-eVent material, 1mm polyester cord for the drawcords, and tiny cord locks. Comparable products on the market include: ZPacks Challenger Rain Mitts $65, MLD eVent Rain Mitts $45.

Glove top
Glove top

I made the pattern by tracing my hand and enlarging that shape. A few test mitts were taped together simply with paper and one test round was produced with a Tyvek medium. Each glove is made simply from three pieces of fabric – the top front, bottom front, and back – each with portions of the thumb. I cut each piece from the eVent material which I then sewed together with polyester thread, and seam sealed the interior seams with single sided cuben tape. Draw cords channels were sewn in and draw cord was fed through and cinched with a cord lock.

Glove bottom
Glove bottom

How do they hold up? Pretty great. I first used them on a blustery day on Mount Washington in Washington. The mitts kept my hands – as predicted – dry and warm! I was surprised to learn that with the right touch I can somehow even use the camera on my phone in the rain – through the rain mitts, my eCase, and etip gloves. Excellent for taking pictures in the rain but not having to take off the gloves and get my gloves or hands wet. I have also used them on rainy Vermont hikes. They keep my hands and liner gloves dry.  A production success.

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