MYOG No. 5 – Cuben Fiber Roll Top Dry Bag

GEAR: Cuben Fiber Roll Top Dry Bag

WEIGHT: 0.7 ounces

DIMENSIONS: 10″ x 24″ pseudo envelope


BEST USE: Sleeping bag waterproof stuff sack

WILL I USE IT?: I use it all the time


Want the most ultralight gear possible? Yes please. Shave a few grams by switching out the silnylon compression sack for a waterproof roll top cuben fiber dry bag? Why not? Keep my bag extra dry with another layer of waterproofing? Sure! I made a few pieces of gear in preparation for the rainy thru-hike that is the VT Long Trail and this is one of them.

Bag with roll top closure

The dry bag is made using 1.0 oz/sqyd cuben fiber, single sided cuben fiber tape (waterproofing), and one 1/2″ side release buckle. I sewed the fabric into a tube shape, sewed the middle of the bottom together, then sewed and cut the corners to create a bottom to the bag so that it has more shape than an envelope. I added reinforcement stitching so the bag can withstand the pressure of my sleeping bag trying to burst it open, and added single sided cuben tape for extra waterproofing/seam taping. The roll top closure holds shape by folding the top edge over and with an extra piece of folded over cuben fiber. The buckle is attached and sewn to the bag top.

Side reinforcement stitching
Side reinforcement stitching

Does it work? Yes! It fits my feathered friends egret 20 down bag perfectly. I’ve used it over 50 days of compression and going strong.

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