Kendall Katwalk – July 2015

A belated blog post from last month. I hiked Kendall Katwalk the day before hiking Red Mountain at the end of July. A sunny and gradual hike along the PCT from Snoqualmie Pass with stunning views.

Guy Peak
Guy Peak

Tuesday. July 28, 2015. Hike: Kendall Katwalk. Distance: 12 miles. Elevation gain: 2600 feet. High point: 5400 feet.

Views from the Katwalk - Rainier!
Views from the Katwalk – Rainier!

I wanted to go on a longer day hike, over 10 miles, but didn’t want anything too crazy in terms of elevation gain and loss. And I didn’t want to drive too far but needed good views…so lo and behold…Kendall Katwalk!

I wake at an average time and wait until rush hour has passed before leaving the city. You either have to leave at 6:30 or 10:30 to play it safe. I get to the trailhead in about an hour, eat a snack, download the topo map of the area, and head out on the trail. The PCT is graded for horse travel, so I knew nothing would be too steep or demanding. Plus, a lot of folks trail run out here if they want ups and downs but nothing too aggressive.

Red Mountain from the katwalk
Red Mountain from the katwalk

The trail starts out in the woods. Nice and easy. Past a picnic table. Across wide switchbacks. 2 miles in the trail opens up. Nice low views of Guy Peak. And a stand out red mountain – what is it? I consult the topo, guess what? It’s called Red Mountain!

From the katwalk looking south
From the katwalk looking south

I pass a family of 4 and continue on. Back in the woods. About 4 miles in there is another clearing. Pretty wildflowers. Evidence of an old storm/downed trees. Back into the woods but approaching tree line. Around 5 1/2 miles in, I cross a scree slope and am out in the open – on the Kendall Katwalk. Great views all around. Rainier to the south.

Back down the scree
Back down the scree

I snack atop the ridge. Continue on until I can see the other side of Kendall Peak and pause there. I take in the views (there’s still a tiny bit of snow up here too). After a few minutes of sitting still, I get moving again.

I retrace my steps across the katwalk and down, down, down the mild slopes. Back to my car and I drive back to Seattle. I’m in a little traffic, but not terrible. I’ll come back for Red Mountain…

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