WA PCT Section J – Part II, Day 5 – Last day on the trail


Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Part II, Day 5. Miles hiked: 14. Elevation gain/loss: +2170/-3610.
Spectacle Lake to Pete Lake Trailhead

(Day 2-5 insta pics click here)

Last day on the trail! I wake around 6:30. Granola and coffee. Chat with Nitro and Foxy. Hit the trail at 9. Up, up, up to the high point. It’s smoky today and views are diminished. Down to the pond. Success! I find my dirty socks just where I left them on a bush. Mark’s carabiner is not there. Snack. Might as well get going.

I retrace my steps and go up to the high point, then down, down, down. Past the Spectacle Lake junction, down through the burn, through Lemhi Meadows. Right turn at the Pete Lake Trail junction. After 1.5 miles I find Nitro and Foxy there waiting for me to cross. The ford is not so bad, just cold. Down the Pete Lake Trail – a walk in the park compared to the Mineral Lake Trail – it’s mostly level with some elevation loss. Past Pete Lake and a few day hikers. Jared will meet us at the trailhead sometime between 6 and 7pm.

We reach the trailhead at 5:54. I use the portapotty and toss some garbage in the can. Lo and behold at 6pm on the dot Jared arrives! Great timing. We load up and drive out to Snoqualmie Pass. The smoky haze is thick. At the pass we celebrate with fantastic food (for me a burger) and Dru-Bru beer at the Commonwealth. Bid farewell to our new hiking friends. Down I-90, over the ferry, and back to Vashon. The End.

2 thoughts on “WA PCT Section J – Part II, Day 5 – Last day on the trail

  1. Dru brew and Commonwealth are on Snoqualmie Pass 😉 not Stevens. My sister and I just finished this hike but our route was Stevens to Snoqualmie. We we’re a week behind you 😊 Like reading your adventures!

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