AZT Day -4: Gear Prep


As the day of departure draws closer, I keep thinking man I need to get my gear together! Tomorrow. Yeah. Tomorrow is the day I do this. Before it’s literally too late.

Sooo… I’ve kind of been putting this one off. I have my normal backpacking setup that I plan to bring, and figure I’ll tweak a few things at the last minute, add a few thangs, and call it a day.

A few gear items I plan to add for the AZT:

– Reflective umbrella. Gotta keep that blazing sun off my back. (I have an older version of this one)
– Tiny black light. For finding scorpions at night! I don’t want one of those stinging buggers hiding out in my tent
– Panty hose water prefilter. For getting any algae goop out of the water before filtering
Aquamira. Water treatment in tiny containers to use as post filter water treatment for any extra sketchy water sources
– Plenty of water bladders & bottles. For extra water carrying capacity
– Garmin inReach mini. Satellite tracking, satellite texting, emergency beacon, etc. Safety!
Pepper spray. To keep on hand when hitching a ride.

A few maybe gear items depending on conditions and situations:

– Down booties. If it’s really cold, I’ll pack ’em
– Sleeping bag liner. Same as above
– Bear spray. A recent bear attack in southern Arizona makes me think I might want to carry some…

Some thoughts: If I can set up my hammock like a tent, using trekking poles (aka on the ground in addition to normal tree setup), I will be bringing it instead of a tent. The only problem is, it is a bottom entry hammock, so I’m not really sure if that’s feasible… I may carry the Big Agnes Copper Spur 2-person tent, but it is a full pound heavier than the hammock. My shoes will likely wear out somewhere along the trail. After that happens I may try the Hoka Speedgoats. Hokas are incredibly comfortable. I have Hoka running shoes that I have been wearing for well over 2 years and they are still comfortable and haven’t worn out yet. I’m packing heavy baselayers. If the weather is warmer than expected, I can always switch out to something lighter. I’m still working on the perfect shirt-jacket combo (t-shirt+wind jacket+rain jacket or maybe long sleeved sun shirt+rain jacket?). I’m sure a few things will change along the way, but this should get me started.

And also, my normal gear list looks mostly something like this:

(Big 3+)
Sleeping bag
Feathered Friends Egret (20 degree)
Sleeping pad
Thermarest Neoair
Hennesy Hammock Asym Ultralight
Pack ULA Circuit
(Clothes worn)
Brooks Cascadias
Socks Darn toughs
Short sleeved shirt Under armor
Patagonia running shorts
Sports bra
Underware Exofficio
(Clothes in pack)
Sleep pants
Patagonia capilene
rain jacket OR Helium II
wind jacket
Patagonia houdini
Camp jacket
Feathered friends Daybreak hoodie
Sleep top
Patagonia capilene 4
Bandana x 2
Thin warm hat
Extra socks x 2 Darn toughs
Extra underware x 2
Extra sportsbra
Camp shoes flip flops Teva flip flops
Rain pants Silnylon
baseball hat/sun hat
pee bandana
stove, windscreen, lighter Pocket rocket
MSR titanium something
Long handled titanium
Sea to summit collapsible
ursacks and opsacks
Knife or multi tool tiny leatherman
Bottles tbd
bladder tbd
filter Sawyer squeeze
(First aid)
athletic tape KT tape
chamois butter
emergency blanket
(Personal items)
TP, trowel, hand sani
baby wipes
Trekking poles
Cell phone Moto x4
Solar charger Suntactics
Black Diamond reVolt

And that’s about it. Questions? Comments? Please feel free to add below.

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