AZT Day 1: 30 miles into Jacob Lake!


Wednesday, September 26
Miles: 27 (plus 2.5 bonus miles)
Starting/ending: 0/27
Camp elevation: 7917 ft

I wake at 5:40. I pack up in the dark and hit the trail at first light. Take a pic at the monument – wooo AZT!

On the trail at 7am. Uphill but moderate. Cool morning. A nice sunrise. Walk, walk, walk. At 10am I don the silver umbrella.

Ten miles in my first water cache! Rest, charge inReach, eat. Podcast at noon. Much flat. Good 2 1/2 mph pace.

I run into a couple in the afternoon – so there are other hikers out here! Daniel and Mary. We leap frog. Keep walking.

Mild up to the Kaibab Plateau. I hit the road to Jacob Lake at 5:40pm – just enough time to road walk to town, grab food, and find a place to sleep.

At 6:45 I’m in “town” (it’s tiny). No room at the inn. I order a burger to go. Where the PO? It’s unclear. Hmm.

I grab my burger and rush toward the campground – it’s a mile away and dark is approaching! I bite the bullet and hitch – I get a ride from the first truck – an older woman and man who work at the Grand Canyon. They drop me off at the office. I get a spot. I get a golf cart ride to my spot.

I inhale the burger, pitch my tent, and crawl inside. A 30 mile first day – not too shabby!

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