AZT Day 7: A Zero for Rosa


Tuesday, October 2
Miles: 0
Camp elevation: 7028 ft

A hard day making no forward progress, but a good day to take off…

I wake, shower, make breakfast at the shower/laundry building (man I gotta get outta here). Shuttle to Tusayan after breakfast, use WiFi at the Starbucks then RP’s Stage Stop. Backup battery has been delivered! I pick it up and shuttle back to the South Rim Grand Canyon area. It’s so foggy/cloudy and rainy today.

I scope out the GC visitors center and watch an informative video. Then to the Geology Museum for the rock talk at 2pm. It’s indoors and packed! The apparently normally epic view is a wall of clouds. The talk really is informative and interesting. Glad I went!

To the library next where there is also WiFi. I start to charge my new battery, eat a snack. The rain picks up from steady rainfall to suddenly pouring buckets. Booming thunder! As quickly as it comes, it’s gone again. The tiny streams alongside the library building are mini flash floods. Hurricane Rosa has arrived in full Arizona force. I close the place down at 5, catch the bus, and oogle at the now-rushing creeks along the roadside as I ride the blue line to the market.

At the market I pick up my dinner for the night – keeping it inexpensive with backpacking food and a beer. I go to my usual spot (the lovely shower/laundry building) where I continue to charge the battery and make dinner. Child chaos abounds tonight and I seek respite on the outdoor picnic tables. I have a headache – have had one all day – and screaming children are not helping. At hiker midnight (9pm) I retire to my soggy tent (which is quite dry inside). I sleep well.

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