AZT Day 13: Vertigo in Full Effect


Monday, October 8
Miles: 0
Camp elevation: a real Flagstaff bed again

I had a hard time sleeping last night because I was so dizzy. Wtf? I wake around 6 and try to use my phone, but things are spinning too much. I get dressed with difficulty and go downstairs where everyone – Melody, Silver, Phantom, Tim, and the two dogs – has congregated. I’m kind of in a bad way. I lay on the couch. Melody is going to take me to the urgent care after breakfast. Jared tracks down my insurance info from afar. Thanks Jared! I eat some toast and drink probably too much coffee. Uh oh. I’m going to be sick. I am sick. Then I put on my shoes and Melody (best trail angel ever) brings me to urgent care.

At urgent care they give me some prescriptions for anti nausea and anti motion sickness meds. We fill them at Walgreens where I also pick up some gingko biloba (herbal remedy) and decongestant (if my sinuses are to blame). Back to Tim and Melody’s where I get serious about R&R. I spend the day sitting, eating (the anti nausea meds worked!) and trying to be less dizzy. Melody and Tim are incredibly generous and caring and I cannot thank them enough for being a supportive trail family. They are also great cooks and very generous with their food. I must escape before I gain too much weight and can’t buckle my hip belt!

I have a good conversation with Melody about giving back and caring about the world. The takeaway: helping – even saving – the world means shifting our focus away from “me” and in the direction of “us”. Something to sleep on.

Hoping for no vertigo tomorrow…

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