AZT Day 14: Back On The Trail in Flagstaff


Tuesday, October 9
Miles: 9.1 + 1 bonus mile
Starting/ending: Flagstaff Urban Trail/229.2
Camp elevation: 7188 feet

I’m feeling a lot better after R&R. Most of the vertigo is gone. It’s just after noon and I will be hitting the trail soon. Hiking as far as I get in. Camping around dark. The next stop is Mormon Lake in 50 miles.

We’re almost up to 10 subscribers, but if we can get up to 15 I’ve decided to donate 100% of contributions to the AZT! Help support the trail and consider subscribing!


I wake up in the hiker room at Melody and Tim’s. I slept well and my head is feeling better. Spinning less. Feeling about 75%. Breakfast of toast with butter and jam. Shower. Organise my gear.

Melody is amazing and takes me to REI and to run other errands. At REI I chicken out of buying a new sleeping pad ($170!) And decide to resize the one I have if I want to shave a few ounces. I buy gloves and bear spray (mostly for a sense of security and form of self defense – Phantom told me about running into creepy hunters south of Cedar Ranch trailhead who told her they wouldn’t mess with her after learning she had bear spray). I get a $5 iron at Saver’s to resize my sleeping pad.

Back at the house, I complete a successful sleeping pad surgery thanks to some YouTube videos (down from 1lb 3oz to 13oz!). Goodbye to Melody. Tim gives me a ride to the Flagstaff Urban trail around 12:30.

Hike! Some vertigo, some anxiety. A few day hikers. Partly sunny. Chilly. I go 0.5 miles down the wrong trail and have to backtrack. Whoops. Hike through forest. It’s approaching dark before I know it. I walk off trail and set up camp in an inconspicuous spot. No book, little writing, bedtime around 7pm!

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