AZT Day 17: The First of Several Zeros


Friday, October 12
Miles: 0
Camp elevation: Back at Melody and Tim’s in a real bed again

I wake early in my Mormon Lake Lodge cabin bed. Not light yet? Back to sleep. Eventually I’m up, eat trail food, make coffee in the coffee pot, and organize my gear. Try to waste time until check out at 11am. Podcasts. Plan water ahead. Etc. I check out around 10. Then laundry.

Pick up a package to for Mary and Daniel at the post office (no questions asked!). Send home a few little things. Try to get a Lyft or Uber to come get me and bring me to Flagstaff. No luck. Argh. I’m resigned to my Mormon Lake fate. Might as well get comfortable. I have lunch at the restaurant (a giant burger!). Get a campsite. Set up my tent. Charge stuff in the laundromat.

That’s when Melody urges me to yogi a ride. Ugh but I just set up my tent. Ok fine, you’re right. Don’t be lazy. I ask the woman, Katie, sweeping the laundromat if she knows anyone going to Flagstaff… As a matter of fact her managers!… She asks them for me – Dylan and Leigh. They’re leaving in 45 minutes, no problem! That was easy! Thanks! Going to Flagstaff after all. I switch my tent rez to Sunday night, pack up. I happen to mention to folks at the store and an older man out front my plan and ride and they each tell me that Dylan and Leigh are such nice and great people.

At 4:45 we’re off to Flagstaff, a 45 minute drive. D&L tell me about the Mormon Lake resort, hitching and hiking stories, and accidents involving trains in Flagstaff. We pick up their daughter at preschool, where they pick up bowls of leftover cake (it was somebody’s birthday today). A ride to Flagstaff and a piece of cake – nicest ride ever! They drop me off right at Melody and Tim’s house! Very sweet.

Melody and Tim say “welcome home”! We catch up as they’re finishing making dinner – salmon, wilted spinach salad, and sweet potato latkes. We eat, clean up, and Melody and I talk for a bit. It’s once again great to be back with M&T. Such generous, kind, and nice people. Eventually it’s off to sleep.

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