AZT Day 18: Another Zero. In Flagstaff


Saturday, October 13
Miles: 0
Camp elevation: bed!

My second full zero day. I didn’t sleep all that well. Probably the lack of hiking to wear me out. I wake at 6:30. Toast. Coffee. More coffee. Chat with Tim. Check out the Flagstaff bus system. It’s a beautiful morning. Thunderstorms expected later. Go downtown. Coffee shop. More coffee. Feeling spacey. Is it vertigo or too much caffeine? Water cache planning. REI. Bus back to Melody and Tim’s. Arrive just before the downpour, lightning, and thunder.

Discuss water planning with Melody. She helps me as I shakedown my own pack. I cut tags to bandana corners, an extra mug to excess underwear, water filter plunger, honey packets, and too much electrolyte powder. Etc. I cut an entire 1.4 lbs from my pack! I’ve been pretty lax on the ultralight front lately. I am tempted to order a 13 oz tent from ZPacks – just think of the weight savings! The $500+ pricetag holds me back. I’ll make do with my 3 lb Big Agnes tent.

REI trip for a return. Resist the urge to buy a lightweight tent there too. Homemade bread and stew for dinner (thanks Tim, aka Dr. Apron)! Cookies! Looking for a ride to Mormon Lake tomorrow (Daniel and Mary plan to get there Monday, but in the event that they are there early I’ll be RTG). Read, write, relax. Sleep.

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