AZT Day 19: Triple Zero. From Flag to Mormon Lake. Again


Sunday, October 14
Miles: 0
Camp elevation: 7129 feet

I appear to be trapped in some wormhole in the space-time continuum that has me caught in Flagstaff-Mormon Lake loop…

Well after a decent night of sleep I wake at 6 in the hiker room at Melody and Tim’s. (I’m the only hiker there.) Tim makes a big breakfast (thanks for all the fantastic meals!). Eggs with cheese and green chilies, hash browns, and toast. Melody and Tim go for a walk. I do laundry. Clean up after breakfast. I send a small package home after my shakedown yesterday.

We discuss ultralight gear and set up Melody’s new ZPacks plexamid tent. It’s a very cool and lightweight tent! I have shelter envy. So many ultralight options out there. Tim makes us grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Before I know it, it’s time to go!

Melody drives me downtown where I meet Brian Blue, a trail angel from Flagstaff. I hop in his car and join him and his dog who was sprayed by a skunk the other day. Whoo! We discuss Flagstaff, Washington, geology, the Grand Canyon and the trail. He drops me off at the lodge in Mormon Lake (thanks for the ride!).

I stop by the store, check in at the office, then post up at the saloon. I treat myself to few greasy onion rings and a beer – a good way to kill time. I charge things (this Garmin GPS is such a battery suck). I hear from Mary! She and Daniel are on schedule and plan to arrive in the morning tomorrow. I fret about the weather. So much cold, rain, and snow ahead. It’s raining now. Once the rain lets up, I set up my tent in campsite #3. Hang out in the shower/laundry building (it’s like home away from home at this point!). I eventually settle into my tent, read, and drift off to sleep…

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