AZT Day 20: Back On The Trail – With Mary and Dan


Monday, October 15
Miles: 8.6
Starting/ending: 255.1/263.7
Camp elevation: 7664 ft

First, a few mentions:

MK and Jason, former Glencliff AT Hostel care takers, are also hiking the AZT right now. Check out MK’s blog HERE to read about their adventure!

I’m raising funds for the AZT through my Patreon. Subscribe HERE. If I can get 15 patrons, 100% contributions while on the AZT will be donated to the AZTA (Arizona Trail Association). Thanks!

I wake in my Mormon Lake campground site at first light around 6. It’s cold. Brr. Get up around 6:30. It’s windy! It’s 28° but feels like 20° with the wind chill. Pack up. Flecks of condensation on my ground cloth turn to ice crystals in the wind. Charge stuff in laundry room. Store at 8:30. Coffee. Oatmeal. Blog. Emails. Await Mary and Daniel.

Mary and Daniel show up at the store around 11-11:30. Yay hiking pals! They do their resupply. We eat lunch. Another hiker shows up! Daniel. He started 2 weeks ago and is doing 20-25 mile days.

M&D and I hit the trail ahead of David around 12:30 or 1. Up to Navajo Spring and on to the AZT. Some trail. Some dirt road. Forested. Hunters pass in a buggy. It’s warmer than it was this morning. Snack break around 3:30. David catches up with us, then hikes ahead. Pass 3 curious horses. Cross a road. We catch up with David at a water source and he joins us and plans to hike with us tomorrow in the expected snow. Yes, expected snow. Ugh.

Around 5:20 we start looking for a campsite and find a flat but slightly windy spot on a hill. M&D set up further down the hill where there is less wind and also less flat ground. We eat together in the waning light. It’s cold and my toes are freezing. Into the tent by 7. I’m glad I brought a few hand warmers to keep my toes warm in my sleeping bag. Read. Journal. Sleep…

See my Instagram for pictures

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