AZT Day 24: Into Pine!

img_20181019_140238_656Friday, October 19
Miles: 12.2 + 1 bonus mile
Starting/ending: 315.4/327.6
Camp elevation: Pine! ~5370 ft

I wake at 6-6:30. I survived the wind. Man was it gusty. Happy no trees smushed me in the night. Make coffee, breakfast, pack.

I hike ahead of Mary and Dan. They catch up. We all leap frog. The morning starts cool and warms up. The wind dies down. More rolling ups and downs. The trail is pretty. I shed layers.

At Webber Creek trailhead we top up our water from a cache. More AZT hikers show up! Mary Poppins (Tarek) and Fatty Snacks (Andrea). They’re hiking guides in Glacier NP. We all hike together into Pine. We lose Andrea (she ended up taking a different yet faster trail). I filter water and chat with Mary.

We get to the trailhead around 1ish. Then to the brewery! A half mile road walk. I call Ray from the winery to see if we can stay there – the yurt is down but we can camp in their yard. Burger, beer, salad. They have a great hiker box. Slow service means the others don’t have time to shop and send a box ahead.

Ray picks us up at 3ish. Back to the winery. Julie, Ray’s wife, does everyone’s laundry which is very sweet. Shower. Set up tent. To the store. Prep resupply. We all hang out inside after dark. Charge stuff. Free wine! (Just a few sips here and there). I talk to a reporter from the Vashon Beachcomber newspaper (they’re going to write an article about my AZT adventure). Talk to Jared. Asleep well past hiker midnight around 9:30…

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