AZT Day 25: Out of Pine! Into the Mazatzal Wilderness


Saturday, October 20
Miles: 21.1 + 1.5 bonus miles
Starting/ending: 328.6/349.7
Camp elevation: 3497 ft

I wake at 5:30am. Camping here at the Trident Winery. Pack. Off to the Early Bird Cafe with David. Mary and Daniel meet us there – they’re taking a full zero day and I’m joining hiking forces with David, Tarek and Andrea. Great food, big portions, and cheap. Bacon, eggs, home fries, toast, coffee. Bid farewell to Mary and Dan.

Road walk back to the trail. Walk, walk. Warm. Dramatic skies. Uphill. Sluggish from breakfast. We wonder where Tarek and Andrea are. We come around a bend and there they are! We hike together. Uphill. Then flat. Sunscreen. Flat road walk. Hunters. 4-wheeler drivers. Big camp setup. Powerlines. Into the Mazatzal Wilderness. Rough footing, slow progress. Volcanic rock. Gradual downhill.

Lunch break (tortilla with guac and cheese). Through the woods. We spy horseriders ahead. David and I get water at White Rock Spring – a trough with clear water. T&A hike ahead. Downhill with rough footing. Beautiful volcanic rocks and green grass. Mazatzals ahead.

I get to Polk Spring at 5:15. Relax. Set up tent. Cook curry couscous for dinner, hot chocolate. It’s warm down here. Filter water – it’s a warm spring! Foot care. Write. Sleep.

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