AZT Day 30: In and Out of Roosevelt Lake


Thursday, October 25
Miles: 15.0 miles
Starting/ending: 438.1/453.1
Camp elevation: 4337 ft

I wake at 5 am today. Pack up and coffee. Probar for breakfast. David and I are on trail at 6. Great Sunrise. We find Tarek and Andrea camped a mile ahead near the radio tower. We chat. David and I both have resupply boxes going to the Marina while Tarek and Andrea will have to hitch to a store to resupply. We continue downhill for a few miles to the bridge. Across. Road walk into Roosevelt Lake. We’re there at 8 am.

To the Marina. They open at 8 am – perfect timing. I get a box plus a wonderful box from Brenda (thanks Brenda!) Did I send another box here? I thought I sent my new shoes here but maybe I sent them to Superior? Hmm. David’s box never showed up so I give him my extra food and he buys a few snacks and is able to have enough food for the next few days into Superior. I’m able to charge my stuff and send off some texts, book a hotel room for Superior. The Marina has very slim pickins. Just a few items at the store and very expensive. I get a microwavable breakfast burrito, Gatorade, Slim Jim, and Rice Krispie Treat. A little while later I get an ice cream sandwich and microwavable macaroni and cheese. We leave there a little after 10:30 and go up the hill to the visitor center, where I get sunscreen and charge my phone a little more. I hand wash a few things in the sink.

A little after 11 David and I decide to hit the trail. We’re only planning to go 10 miles but it’s hot and I’d like to take my time on the uphill. We run into Tarek and Andrea who are just getting back from their resupply and breakfast. They go to The Visitor Center to charge some things and weill hit the trail a little after us. The sun is hot but it’s only 70 or 75 degrees. Silver umbrella time. I go slow on the uphill and take my time. 5 miles to Cottonwood spring. Sweet old trees. I go ahead of David. Cows. There’s a camp set up on a Hilltop with two trucks. Mini break at the High Point. David catches up. Then Tarek and Andrea. Only another 0.8 miles to the campsite.

It’s a great spot with room for at least four tents. We get there right at 5 and take our time setting up and cooking dinner. Tonight for me it’s bare burrito. David makes the falafel dinner that I had extra and cooks it much better than I cooked mine the night before. He says it’s his best trail meal so far. Hot chocolate. Brownie for dessert. Chat. Into tents by 7 pm. Write. No book. Plan ahead I guess. Sleep.

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