AZT Day 32: A Hot Morning Into Superior


Saturday, October 27
Miles: 13-14 miles
Starting/ending: 474.9/487-488
Camp elevation: A bed in Superior

I wake at 5:30 in camp near the wash. Coffee, cereal, pack. Bathroom break. The others and I depart camp at 6:30 am. We hike down through the wash, in and out. Shaded from the sun by mountains. It’s warm. David and I ahead mostly, Tarek and Andrea behind. Some water in the stream bed. Cool rock formations and green grassy areas. Then sun. Hot.

David ahead, me and the middle, Tarek and Andrea behind. Hot and tired. Shade Break by a gate. Tarek and Andrea catch up. There’s a small scorpion! Crap, I could have sat on it. Very glad I didn’t, I think these are the dangerous ones. Hike on. Get to Hewitt Station Road around 11:15. We try to get a ride from the Copper Mountain Hotel. No luck. We try calling a few Trail Angels, also no luck. We walk toward the Arboretum, down the road. Then we detour toward the highway figuring we will just try to hitch on our way toward the Arboretum. We bushwhack under a bridge and scale a rock fence.

Tarek sticks his thumb out in the first truck that goes by pulled over immediately! Amazing. Kate and David from Texas give us a ride. They are traveling to Tucson to Phoenix and drop us off at the Copper Mountain Motel. Thanks! Nobody is there to check us in so we go to Porter’s Cafe for burgers, salad and beer. Yum. It’s not quite check-in time so we stop by the Save Money Market. I pick up a few snacks, Gatorade, and a cream soda. I talk to Jared on the phone. He is in the Tucson area and is hunting with his Uncle Kris and cousin Nick.

We all walk to the hotel and check in. David and I split room #4. Settle in. I go to the Family Dollar across the street for a $4 shirt to wear while doing laundry and also pick up some Advil, Advil PM, sunscreen, and more snacks.

Shower. Rinse a few things before putting them in the laundry. Blog. A woman at the hotel does the laundry for me and then David. I eat chips and guacamole and Takis for dinner. And watch The Big Lebowski while blogging. To sleep at the late hour of 9:30 p.m.

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