AZT Day 33: Out of Superior Past Pickett Post


Sunday, October 28
Miles: 10.0
Starting/ending: 488.2-498.2
Camp elevation: 3717 ft

I naturally wake up at 5:30 in my hotel bed. I blog. And shower. David and I go to Los Hermanos for breakfast. Tarek and Andrea meet us there after I’ve finished my amazing breakfast of huevos rancheros with refried beans and coffee. We chat. I drink more coffee. David is going to wait in Superior until tomorrow for his shorts to arrive (they were supposed to show up on Friday but didn’t get delivered). Tarek, Andrea and I will leave this afternoon. Maybe as soon as late morning.

We go back to the motel. I look for a book or magazine but can’t find one in any of the stores in town. Lame. I pick up a few things at Family Dollar and pack up. Hangout. Tarek and Andrea come over when they check out of their room at 11. We decide to hitch around noon but don’t have any luck right off. I ask at the front desk, and, Andy, maybe the hotel manager, can give us a ride in a little bit. We wait around until 1:30.

Then brings us right to the Pickett Post trailhead. He brought another hiker there this morning. Andy is nice guy, chatty. Around 2 we start hiking. It’s hot and my belly is full. I’m very slow and my face feels hot and red. Somehow we’re making good progress. The desert is very pretty especially as light starts to wane. Tarek and Andrea get ahead. Around 3:30, when a cloud covers the sun, it cools off and I can hike faster. I catch up. We go past Forest Road 4, past a gate, and find a good enough campsite at a saddle.

Great Sunset. Probably the best yet. Awesome colors. These mountains really are amazing. I set up my tent. Family dinner. I make pea soup with wild Zora meat, hot chocolate, and Snickers for dessert. I don’t feel hungry but somehow manage to eat it all. I don’t have much of an appetite, maybe it’s the heat. Into my tent by 6:45. I listen to a podcast, write. And eventually go to sleep.

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