AZT Day 37: Oracle Town Day, Jared, and Biosphere 2


Thursday, November 1
Miles: 14.9
Starting/ending: 568.6-583.5
Camp elevation: A bed in Oracle

I wake at 5 am in our cactus spine campspot. It was chilly last night. Make coffee, cook oatmeal, pack up, and on trail ahead of the others. I hike in my sleep clothes because it’s cool and it’s a town day – I don’t have to keep them clean. 1 mile to the water tank. Once there I fill 2L of water from the lower tank, eat my oatmeal, and change up my layers (it’s already warming up). Tarek and Andrea catch up.

We hike together on and off. I listen to podcasts and the time flies. I change into my shorts. Some ups and downs. Eat some bars. Into and out of washes. I hone in on our ETA for Jared. Eventually we’re at the Tiger Mine Trailhead and road. We walk the road. Run into an older couple moving back from the Yucatan Peninsula and we chat. We’re to the road around 1:15. We wait for Jared in the shade. I call my mom.

Around 1:35 Jared pulls up! Yay so good to see him! Tarek and Andrea hop in the car and we get giant burritos at Casa Riviera (“as big as your forearm”, they say, but I’d have to say bigger). I eat as much of my enchilada style burrito as possible, drink horchata, and then we drop off Tarek and Andrea at the Chalet Village Motel before driving over to Biosphere 2 for a tour. We have a little time before the tour so go to the post office to pick up my package – which is not there because I didn’t send one here! Whoops, just to Vail and Patagonia.

Biosphere 2 tour – pretty interesting research facility that once had a human experiment component. To Dollar General, then hotel. Shower at last. Jared brought me some real clothes to wear which is pretty exciting. We hang out with Tarek and Andrea, drink some excellent wine that Jared brought from Tucson, then back to our A-frame motel cabin. TV, hang out, catch up, sleep…

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