AZT Day 38: A Zero in Oro Valley With the Kofrons


Friday, November 2
Miles: 0
Camp elevation: A bed in Tucson

Jared and I wake late in our Oracle hotel room. Pack up.

Breakfast at the patio cafe – delicious! We drive to Tucson. Stop at the Summit hut. I pick up injinji toe sock liners – in an attempt to mitigate toe blisters.

Then to Ann and Kris’ home (Jared’s aunt and uncle). I catch up with Ann and open my packages – new shoes, new headlamp, inflatable pillow.

Jared and I have lunch with Beverly (Jared’s step-grandmother) (thanks for the great pizza at Michaelangelo’s šŸ™‚ we catch up. Back to Ann and Kris’, vote, decompress. Kris comes home, we chat then whoosh off to Contigo where Nick (Jared’s cousin) is the co-owner. Amazing food! Seriously, best flan ever.

We drive home and end a family filled and food filled day (3 meals out!) Luxurious, delicious, and filling. Filled with family and friendly faces. We drift off to sleep in the guest room…

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