AZT Day 39: Second Zero, Family and Friends


Saturday, November 3
Miles: 0
Camp elevation: A bed in Tucson

Jared and I wake “late”. I eat pie and toast for breakfast. We find out that Brandon (Jared’s cousin in law) broke his leg – bummer! It’s a busy morning for Ann with Callie and Emily Ann, her grandchildren who are 8 months old and 2 1/2.

I message and make plans for tomorrow breakfast with Alice and Ger, while simultaneously arranging a ride with Marie to get back on the trail tomorrow.

Jared and I go back to Summit hut where I get more socks. Then to the grocery store for resupply and snacks. Family and friends are coming over in the afternoon.

Back at Ann and Kris’ we catch up with Kristopher (Jared’s cousin) who drive from Phoenix. To the store for fruit. I blog and make cookies.

People show up: John, Beverly, Mary, Kris, Sid, Anna, Mereya and kiddos. We eat food, hang out, and are merry. Eventually everyone goes home.

Ann, Kris, Jared, and I watch SNL. I pack my food resupply then pack my pack. The days have passed so quickly! I try on my pack – and after a few days in town have to loosen my waist belt, whew.


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