AZT Day 42: Catalinas to the Rincons


Tuesday, November 6
Miles: 20.1 + 0.2 bonus miles
Starting/ending: 624.5/644.6
Camp elevation: 6598 ft

I slept well and wake before my 5:30 alarm in the Gordon Hirabayashi campground. Coffee, pack, granola and coconut milk. Cool morning. On trail around 6:30 after Oklahoma and before David. A nice sunrise in the Catalinas.

Pass Molino Basin campground. Uphill a few miles. 3L of water at the stream by the West Spring Storage Tank. Some ups and downs. Complete cookie. Break with David and Oklahoma at the Agua Caliente drainage. Chat with Oklahoma for a bit and David rockets ahead. Sunny savanna. Rolling grasslands. Warm sun.

Oklahoma fades behind and I catch up to David and eat lunch. Tortillas, cheese, chips, etc. Hike on, me in the rear. Down a few miles to the Italian Trap Trailhead, then back uphill. Whew it’s warm and tough climbing in the sun. Podcast. Rincon Mountain Wilderness. I find David at Tanque Verde Canyon – a beautiful desert oasis with lovely water and sand. PB&J bar. 2 3/4L of water. Uphill. Some spots are quite steep! The Rincons are beautiful and rugged. Waning light. Climbing in the shade. Tired and slow going.

At last, at the camp spot, 0.1 miles before the Saguaro National Park boundary. Oklahoma is there and set up. David and I arrive and scrounge decent spots – mine is surprisingly flat. I change into dry non-sweaty clothes. Set up tent. Inhale trail mix. Text Jared with little service.

Dinner – broccoli, cheese, potato soup which I fail to hydrate well and is crunchy. Hot chocolate, natural calm (which is a magnesium supplement and helping with leg cramps at night, CBD chocolate. Not long after 6 I retire to my tent. Write, read, sleep…

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