AZT Day 48: 6 Miles Into Patagonia and A Cozy Airbnb


Monday, November 12
Miles: 6.2
Starting/ending: 731.1/737.5
Camp elevation: A real bed

A chilly night last night! Below freezing probably, but not nearly as cold as the previous night. I set my alarm “late” for 6am and wake a few minutes before it goes off to the sound of David and Oklahoma talking. David’s sleeping pad leaked and deflated many times in the night – bummer! He’s already planning a new pad for the last stretch.

It’s a lazy morning. I’m slow to make coffee and pack. Eat a bar for breakfast. Hit the trail around 7:15 ahead of the others. Easy walking on dirt roads, rolling and downhill. Golden hills, nice sunrise. An occasional truck passes. A happy dog is running about. Down near houses. Take off a layer. David passes. I catch up. We hit the highway and walk the short paved mile into Patagonia.

We beeline for the Ovens of Patagonia Cafe for coffee and a cheese danish. Oklahoma meets us there. We chat with a friendly Swiss couple on a 9-month US vacation. Then we have a third breakfast at Gathering Grounds – bacon, eggs, toast, potatoes, more coffee. Nice chatty hunters.

We are able to check into the Blue Jay – our Airbnb – early, and head over at 11:30. Giada, the host, comes by and shows us how to operate the finicky combo washer-drier. Then it’s grocery time! To the Patagonia Market, then Red Mountain Foods, back to the market, back to Red Mountain. We amass enough eggs, beans, tortillas, and veggies for many meals.

Back to the Airbnb where it’s laundry time, shower, hang out, talk to my mom, prep food, and drink beer and White Claw. Dinner of burritos and tacos. Play music and chat. Then it’s bedtime, I talk to Jared, then sleep…

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