AZT Day 49: A Zero In Patagonia


Tuesday, November 13
Miles: 0
Camp elevation: A bed in an Airbnb

I wake around 6 or so. Blog a bit before getting up at 7. Laze around. Oklahoma, David and I discuss our camp plans for this upcoming last stretch of trail – we’ll do 40 miles the first 2 days, then a 12. The weather will be chilly and we’ll aim to camp above any low spots but try to stay below 8500 feet.

Oklahoma – the chef of our mini hiker vacation – makes us all breakfast burritos with chorizo. We eat, drink coffee, and enjoy sitting. I blog and write postcards. Eventually, mid-morning, I head to the post office to pick up my resupply box. It’s a breezy and cold morning – a good day for a zero off the trail. Along the way I inquire about a hiker box at the hotel, pick up brownies at the cafe, and get ice cream at the market. Back at the Airbnb (The Blue Jay) I blog some more and bum around.

After a serious hiker lunch of brownies and ice cream, the three of us make a group trip to Red Mountain Foods – a short 1 minute walk. I pick up guac and salsa ingredients and a few more snacks for the upcoming stretch. Then I make guacamole and salsa back at the Blue Jay. The guys go check out the bird sanctuary in town. I shower.

Eventually it’s dinner time – chips, salsa, guac, more burritos. So. Many. Burritos. We listen to my Fleet Foxes Google Play radio station. I eat wayyy too much and am absurdly full. I talk to Jared and get ready for bed. No more burritos please. Gotta get some rest for this last 50 mile stretch of AZT!…

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