AZT Day 51: Gain=Pain, Easy Day, and Sunshine

img_20181117_095600_399Thursday, November 15
Miles: 17.6
Starting/ending: 760.4/778.0
Camp elevation: 8501 feet

Last night was not that cold! Hurrah! I was very cozy and warm in my tent and sleep setup. Warmer than most nights even! I wake at the late old hour of 6am and plan for an “easy”, “lazy” day. No hurry, we only have 17 miles to go. Coffee, oatmeal, slow pack up. We all wait until the sun hits our tents before getting going. Cool morning, warm sun. Full sunshine is in the forecast today. I’m feeling some tightness in my back from pushing myself a little too far yesterday. Whoops. I guess I have limits after all.

I hit the trail behind Oklahoma, just ahead of David. 2L of water at Parker Canyon. More water at a windmill late morning, lunch, I leave with 4L. My dang pelvis and sacrum are screaming at me, increasingly pissed off from yesterday’s hiking push. Argh.

Oklahoma is ahead. Podcasts. Gentle uphill grade leading into the Huachucas. Pee break. Steepening trail. I fall behind the others. Up, up, uphill. Slow going as I take my time. Great views! We pass Sunnyside Junction, our planned camp spot, but with no spots to be found we continue on. We’re on a ridge. A semi flatish spot after 0.7 miles is good enough, and we call it a day at 4:30.

I have service! I fix my AZT app and message Jared and Ann. Warm, dry clothes. Tent up. Google tells us that the nearby “UFO” is actually border patrol radar. Dinner: Patagonia Provisions Red Bean Chili. Ugh I’m beaned out. CBD chocolate. Hot chocolate. Toffee almond milk chocolate. Not chocolated out.

It’s going to be another cold night. The air feels cooler than last night, but warmer than the Kentucky Camp night. Weather underground is calling for 25° in the nearest town, while mountain-weather-forecast is predicting 41° atop nearby 9400+ ft Miller Peak. Hmm. Fingers crossed it’s not too cold at least. Into tent at 6! My last trail night. Tomorrow: Mexico! Write, read, podcast, sleep…

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