Not QUITE Hiking…

As this is a “hiking” blog I feel obligated to stick to the subject! However, I have not been hiking at all lately. Sadly to say. Being a home owner on Vashon Island in the southern Puget Sound is great and all, but it leads to some distance from mountains. Especially in March and April. And winter. I have several hiking trips on the horizon: a few weeks on the PCT in northern OR/southern & central WA, the ENCHANTMENTS! in mid-July (google it. Thank you Heidi for scoring the sweet permit!), and hoping for weekends and who-knows-where/what trips here and there.

What have I been doing, if not hiking? Well – making quilts and wall-hangings, and working a few gigs: gym job (front desk at the local athletic club a few 4 am mornings per week), substituting at the local schools (the preschoolers were particularly adorable the other day), covering shifts at the local consignment store (Luna Bellas), and TEACHING KIDS CLIMBING at the local climbing gym. Hence my post….

Teaching kids climbing:

It’s an interesting and fun job. New to me, teaching and working with kids. It’s 5-6 hours per week. Teaching is fun and hard. Kids 4-11 years old. 3 classes, 2 days/week. We have the beginners, the intermediates, and the advanced. Each class is 45 min-1 hour long.

The kids have a free climb for 5-15 minutes.

Then warm up movements and climbing.

Then games and/or climbing instruction depending on the age group and attention + focus of the individual kids.

Games like: Monkey and Tiger (climbing wall tag), Shark Attack, Pointer, Add-On, Simon-Says, Red-light-Green-light.

Then a few minutes of free time if they stay focused.

Ending with cooldown stretches.

And voila! That’s it.

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