Enabling Exploring…

Doesn’t #vanlife look p sweet bra? Chya.

I am sometimes tempted by the pretty instagram pics and glamorous YouTube videos on #vanlife. Exploration all the time, a life of freedom and fun, not a care in the world, it’s all sunshine and rainbows as far as I can tell. Especially alluring after a dark winter, doesn’t it look like a mirage of sunshine on the horizon?

Ok yeah, realistically it’s probably more like bickering with your partner in cramped quarters, pooping in a vehicle, and trying to hide and pretend that you’re not in there at night so nobody calls the cops. Maybe not wholly glamorous…

Besides, I get the impression that many people drop tens thousands of dollars on a tricked out Sprinter van, hop in, then realize – oh wait… is this really what it’s all about? While there are certainly pros and cons, I still admit, there are some days when I think it would be super convenient to have mobile living quarters to drive to a trailhead on a Friday night, or maybe even crash in spur-of-the-moment on a road trip or impromptu escape into the mountains. But wait – do I need the finest and most-decked out of Sprinter vans with tiled kitchen walls, a vitamix, queen sized bed, swivel seat, and solar shower to find what I seek? Do I? No. I don’t.

Remember – perfect is the enemy of the good. KISS – keep it simple, stupid. Sometimes scraping by and scrapping by with the bare minimum will suffice to achieve the goal. Let’s back up a sec. What exactly is it that I is it that I need to achieve what I’m looking for? What AM I looking for? Goal: mobile sleeping quarters to crash at a trailhead. Needs: privacy in a car. Semi-stealth ability. Moderate comfort. I own a Toyota Matrix. With the seats down, it’s kinda almost long enough for me to sleep when I position my 5’2″ self at a diagonal – which means it’s totally impossible for Jared at 5’10-11″ to get a wink of sleep. I sometimes hang fabric curtains with safety pins in the most rag-tag way if I want to car-sleep. And it’s really not comfortable or cutting it. Unless…

Let’s rethink this…

Problem: Cramped quarters. How can I extend the sleeping space? Solution: Scootch front seats forward as far as possible and use a sturdy piece of plywood across the end to lengthen the space to a grande 77″! Winner.

Problem: Crappy curtains. How do I improve the privacy and minimize the space occupied by curtains? Solution: Window coverings with blackout fabric and velcro. Yessss.

Ok then. A successful solution. I have the plywood. And it’s in the car. Check. Curtains are 70% complete. Just need to sew a few more and add the velcro. Almost check. All I need to do is sew some more, hit the road, and try to sleep!…


2 thoughts on “Enabling Exploring…

  1. Jean

    Interesting. We tried velcro years ago and it didn’t work. It wouldn’t stick to the roof of the car for very long. We use clothespins.

    I’ll see your invention in a couple of weeks.

    Love Mum

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