Almost AT!

On my way to the Appalachian Trail! An East coast excursion this time around. Pairing friends and family time with a hike from New York to New Hampshire, maybe Maine.

Blanketed by humidity and 95 degree heat. Cicada sounds. A fun visit with Merecat and Chris. Potomac tubing, West Virginia, beer, breweries, good food, good friends, their great new house, conversation, exploration, lovely botanical gardens, permethrin, REI and last minute errands. DC to NYC by Amtrak.

I hit the trail today. Nervous about heat, humidity, ticks, mosquitos, a new shelter and usual new-again trail things like the dark and the unknown. Excited for the adventure, the trail community, the experience, the congregation around shelters, new sights and sounds, nature immersion, constant motion, clear goals, pushing my comfort zone, and my vision-quest-walk-about journey.

2 thoughts on “Almost AT!

  1. Oh my word!!! I’m so excited for you!!! Have fun, be safe and think about me every once in awhile!!! ✌️

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