AT NY-ME Day 6

Sun, August 4
Miles: 14.9
Starting/ending: 1461.2-1476.1

An eventful day: witnessing sex on the trail, a hornet’s nest, and a human poo. Thankfully not all together.

Sleep in the bunkhouse was ok, about the same as on trail – fitful as usual. How normal is it to never sleep through the night? I’m up at 7:40 and take my time to pack up and eat breakfast. Trail at 9:30. Hot and humid as usual. Climb uphill. Some day hikers, NOBOs and SOBOs, and I meet Yoshi, Bahama Mama and ? drying their stuff on Staghticoke Mountain. Detour back into NY for a sec. Ups and downs. I walk by the hornet’s nest hanging down over the trail. Some of it has broken off and hornet’s are all around. I manage to not get stung.

Filter water at stream. Kissing couple. Up the hill. At the top I see legs… someone changing? Wait there’s another set of legs… Oh people are having sex on the trail. Like ON the trail. Wow. I make a 180 and wait it out. 5 minutes goes by… Another 5. Ok that’s long enough. I start from far back and make a lot of noise, clacking my poles against all the rocks. Out of the corner of my eye I see them scrambling for clothing. Gotta hike yo. I pass and only later think I should have called out, “Remember to do a thorough tick check!” Crazy kids. That’s something I was not expecting.

Trail ups and downs. A SOBO. Road. Caleb’s Peak. Looks like rain. Steep down hill. A human poo! Gross! Man this AT is a wild place. A group of young female rock climbers. Flat section. Black fly bonanza! A swimming hole and a quick chat with day hikers. Last 1.5 miles to Stewart Brook Shelter.

I arrive at the shelter to find a NOBO couple (Mcgruber and?) and a SOBO couple. Tent up, rinse in stream, dinner with the SOBOs. Tent time, write, meditate, sleep.

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