AT NY-ME Day 7

Mon, Aug 5
Miles: 18+0.3=18.3
Starting/ending: 1476.1-1494.1

Wake at 7:45. Pack. Oatmeal and Alpine start coffee. On trail at 8:50. Flat then up and down. Leapfrog with a few NOBO couples. Chat a bit. Hot and humid, but only 80°. First day without town food! A few decent views. Some snacks, road crossings, and passing through a split boulder.

I get water at a spring at 5. Yoshi and co and Socks and co show up. Down hill. I contemplate stealth camping. Eat dinner on trail. No, just go the 0.3 to Falls Village CT and camp behind Toymaker’s Cafe. A SOBO couple (Mojo and Skeeter) and their dog are already set up. We chat and drink free beer left by another hiker, thanks Greg owner of Toymaker’s. Magruber and co and Fairyflower and co also show up to camp. Wash up, write, and to sleep after 9.

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