AT NY-ME Day 8

Tues, Aug 6
Miles: 11.9+1.5=13.4
Starting/ending: 1494.1-1506.0

Skunk tales, two towns, and rain.

Up at 7 something. Pack. Eat. Fairyflower and co are already gone. Go to post office and send home excess clothes and a book. Use wifi at the Town Hall.

Back on trail. Great Falls. Up and over Mt Prospect. Hot, humid, and very sweaty. After 7 miles I go into Salisbury – if the rain slows me, I want extra food. La Bonne Market for a sandwich and resupply. I leave to find Fairyflower and co outside. They tell me about the skunk that came into their tent vestibule and stole a granola bar at 4am! Too funny. Glad it wasn’t me!

Hike out. Back on trail it immediately starts to rain. Dang. Wasn’t supposed to rain till 6. Uphill. Rain stops. Run into a Ridgerunner. To Brassie Brook Shelter by 4:30. Settle here. There’s a dude in the shelter and two young women in a tent. The Ridgerunner shows up – and finds a pair of glasses. Camelback Santas again! Settle in, clean up. Chat, eat, hang out, relax. Sleep.

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