AT NY-ME Day 10

Thurs, Aug 8
Miles: 8.4+0.5=8.9
Starting/ending: 1522.8-1531.2

Back to the trail. Tired and sore feet. Back to town for a wild thunderstorm.

I wake at 7ish after a fitful night of sleep. The Travelodge pillow was gargantuan and gave me the worst neck crick. Wooby and Kodachrome both snored. I eventually used my inflatable pillow and played white noise through my headphones. Free breakfast. Chat with all the other hikers that appear in the lobby. I’ll either leave town mid-day today or tomorrow. I guess it’s cheaper to catch a shuttle with Wooby and Kodachrome, so I grab some resupply food at Price Chopper and pack up.

Trail Angel Papa Joe picks us up around 10am. Back at the trail. Hike on. See a few NOBOs and SOBOs including Magruber and co, and Giggles and co. Ugh humid and buggy as usual. I’m tired. My heels hurt. I should have taken a zero day. Maybe I’ll go back into town. Some ups and downs and nice views. All the hikers are spread out along the trail. I run into Kodachrome a few times before I realize he keeps waiting for me. Then I realize that he’s hitting on me.

I get to the next road crossing where I can go back into Great Barrington, and Kodachrome is there again and makes it pretty clear that he’s DTF. Not interested. Yeah I’m going back to town. I’m tired of people, I’m tired of guys, and I’m just tired. Time to get some solo rest. I hitch back into GB and get picked up by a woman who is self described as crazy, but she’s nice, and makes me feel even more creeped out by all the possible weirdos out there. Maybe I shouldn’t hitch any more. I’ll Lyft back to the trail later. She drops me off south of the Travelodge/Community Center area and I hobble the 15 min north on my sore feet.

McDonald’s for burger, fries, chicken nuggets, salad. At Marshalls I pick up another pair of shorts to hike in. At Travelodge I inquire about rooms but they’re full up. There are other hotels but I’m tired. Bah to the Community Center and free tenting it is! $8 for a shower and sauna and access to their facility and electricity, etc. I set up my tent and shower. At 6pm I get a phone alert about an imminent severe thunderstorm. Shit, I’d better close my tent door. I hustle over, close my tent, hustle back to the center, and watch from inside with NOBO hiker Redline as the sky turns black, rain dumps, and winds whip trees. Yikes.

My tent still stands, thankfully. I return to the brewery for soup and a glass of wine. Bedtime.

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