AT NY-ME Day 11

Fri, Aug 9
Miles: 0

I had a full day off, doing some chores, getting things, eating food. A tick. Plantar fasciitis.

A night tenting at the community center. They have an entire area dedicated to hikers, which is amazing.I realized in the night that oh yeah I have plantar fasciitis! New shoes will help. I massage my leg and research. Sauna. Shower.

After a McDonald’s breakfast, I bus to town. First to Eagle Boot and Shoe – a third generation cobbler! I get a pair of Merrill somethings. I wander through downtown where I run into Fairyflower and co again! We chat. They’re trying to find a way back to the trail further south.

Bus back to community center. Sauna. Shower. Sandwich and juice from the grocery store.

Bus back to town. I chat with Over-It, he’s going to see a movie. And I discover a little black tick attached to my calf. Eek! I pull it off. I exchange my Darn Tough socks with a hole for new ones at Eagle. Gotta love Darn Toughs. Mail old shoes home. Ask the postal service employees about nearby walk-in clinics – just the ER nearby – but they’re helpful and sweet and discuss my tick bite with me. The nearest urgent care is 2 hours by bus. I’m sure I’ll be fine, the tick was on me for a few hours, tops. My mom will send me a few antibiotic pills for any future tick encounters. I get permethrin at the hardware store.

Tired of the one-bus-per-hour schedule. I walk the 1.5 miles back to community center. Permethrin my new shorts and shoes and socks. Eat mediocre food and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. So. Full. Bored. It means I’m ready to get back on the trail! Tomorrow I’ll return. For now relax, write, sleep.

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