AT NY-ME Day 12

Sat, Aug 10
Miles: 20.8+0.5=21.3
Starting/ending: 1531.2-1552.0

A mouse was jumping around outside my tent in the middle of the night and woke me up. I wake up for real around 8 and pack up my stuff in the community center tempting area. Breakfast at the Rio Cafe, tofu and veggie scramble and coffee. I’m stuffed. Need to hike it off. Fill my water.

Get a lift. It’s 20 minutes late. Jeffrey, the Lyft driver has lots of questions about safety especially as a solo “girl”. I’m bored with these lines of inquiry. I get to the trail around 10 or so and figure I’ll make it close but not all the way to Upper Goose Pond to take it easy on my feet. Then I run into red line who encourages me to go further and… Yeah I think I can. I run into SOBOer on the International AT. Up and down Tyringham Cobble. few road crossings. I’m tired at the end of the day. I get water about a mile before the pond. The day is relatively flat and time flies.

I arrive at Upper Goose Pond sometime after 7 to a big group of folks hanging out outside of the giant red enclosed cabin. A few drops of rain. My quinoa and salmon dinner tastes amazing. Hang out and chat for a little while with Redline and Ridgerunner and Tumbledoor and the two girls I met at the Brassie Brook Shelter and a handful of others. Eat my peanut m&Ms. I set up my tent outside but decided to sleep inside after all on a real mattress. Go to bed at 9…

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