AT NY-ME Day 13

Sun, Aug 11
Miles: 18.1+0.7=18.8
Starting/ending: 1552.0-1568.1

I sleep ok in the group cabin and wake up at 6 as alarms go off for our morning pancakes made by the caretakers. Blueberry pancakes and coffee for breakfast, pretty sweet! I take a dip in the pond. It’s amazing and beautiful and the perfect temperature. I pack up and leave before 9.

Hike on. Lots of flat today as well. I don’t see too many people except a few sobos until a mid-morning break and I am past by Buffet. I stopped to get water and chat and hike with Lifesaver for a while. Lunch break at October Mountain shelter around 1 p.m. with the two Connecticut girls, Lifesaver, and Buffet. To the Cookie Ladys’ a few minutes later. Not much there. Hike. Podcasts.

Arrive at Kay Wwood shelter at 6. Lifesaver, Buffet, the two Connecticut girls, Ridge Runner, Tumbledoor, and me. And chat. Sleep around 8:15 inside the shelter.

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