AT NY-ME Day 14

Mon, Aug 12
Miles: 12.3+0.2
Starting/ending: 1568.1-1580.4

Wake at 6 – banana oatmeal and granola. Plus coffee. Begin hiking with Ridgerunner and Tumbledoor, but they get ahead quickly. Hike down to Dalton. Quick stop at Cumberland Farms for a smidge of real food. Hike through town. Catch up with my mom on the phone.

Another 9 miles to Cheshire where I’ll meet MK IRL and stay at her place. MK and Jason used to be caretakers at the Glencliff Hostel on the AT. I never met them, but they hiked the Arizona Trail least year just behind me and we’ve been in touch ever since. Warm and welcoming members of the trail hiking community. Tumbledoor and Ridgerunner catch up to me on the way. I pass Ambassador. I break then catch RR and Tumble for lunch. Dollar General. They have WiFi!? A few snacks.

I hang out with RR and Tumble until MK picks me up at 4 and whisks me back to her place where I transform into a real person via shower, laundry, and real food. MKs mom and her dog Thea are there too. We chat about hiking life and real life things, like you do. Wine and amazing eggplant pizza. Jason returns from work late and we all chat some more. Retire sometime after hiker midnight to a cozy bed with extremely comfortable pillows…

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