AT NY-ME Day 15

Tues, Aug 13
Miles: 20.9+0.2=21.1
Starting/ending: 1580.4-1601.3

A long and busy day! Help from MK to slackpack over Greylock, meeting up with Krista, then another 7+ miles into VT.

I wake at MK and Jason’s around 5:30, write a bit, then get up at 6:45. Thanks for the coffee and bagel, MK! Jason brings me back to the trail on his way to work. My pack is light and easy. On trail at 7:40.

I immediately run into Redline and we hike together to the top. We run into Fairyflower and Lukenbach on the way up! At the top see Tales and Ambassador. Soda, snack, hotdog. Rain. I start down. Down, down, down. Water water treatment plant. Pee-you. MK meets me at 2 with the rest of my stuff. Thanks for the slack pack! As I pack up, RR and Tumble appear and we hike together for a few minutes before I peel off to meet up with friend Krista, who is passing through.

Krista and I catch up over beer and snacks at a restaurant in North Adams before we swing by the grocery store and she drops me back at the trail at 5pm. Hike 2 miles or 7.7? We’ll see!

I’m feeling good and determined, so I plod on. Up Pine Cobble and into Vermont! Filter water. Am startled by a SOBOer. Podcasts get me there and I arrive at the Seth Warner Shelter at 8pm. Clean up, set up, and sleep.

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