AT NY-ME Day 17

Thurs, Aug 15
Miles: 19.4
Starting/ending: 1622.9-1642.3

Glastonbury Mountain, Stratton Mountain, firetower views, and Stratton Pond Shelter.

Tales and I are some of the last out of camp after breakfast. A short climb to the top of Glastonbury. A break at Kid Gore Shelter. Then another break for lunch at Story Spring Shelter where I meet a handful of more NOBOs – Eyore, Gandolf, and others. And Buttcheeks and Faceplant arrive and we catch up before taking off again.

Some ups and downs, rocks and roots, mud and beaver dams. Tales and I take a Snickers break in the sun before climbing Stratton. 3 miles uphill and more mild than expected. The group of 4 NOBOs is at the top. I climb the fire tower twice – once for views, a second time seeking cell coverage and for pictures. Downhill. Water at spring. Down more. 4L of water at the creek where we meet NOBO Prometheus.

There’s no good stealth camp spot, so we head for Stratton Pond Shelter where we’ll pay $5. Plus there’s thunder which means rain and inside will be nice. Tales and I arrive around dark or just before to about 6 others there already and I get one of the last bottom bunks. Dinner. Let the rain commence! It pours and Tales generously takes both of our food bags to the bear box. Bear boxes are new in the area and rumor has it, the VT black bear population has tripled in the last decade. A few have been aggressive and one had to be put down at Goddard Shelter a few weeks ago. Sad. Write and sleep…

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