AT NY-ME Day 18

Fri, Aug 16
Miles: 10.6
Starting/ending: 1642.3-1652.9

Rain, town day, Manchester Center, and Green Mountain Hiker Hostel.

Lots of rain overnight. Wake around 7. Pack, breakfast, chat with the other hikers – Grandma Leya, McLovin, and others. Tales and I run into the caretaker on our way out and pay the $5. She tells us about the bear who broke into the privy for old Wonder Bread here. Yuk.

Down to Stratton Pond. Lovely. Gray day. Flatish, moderate trail with decent mud. Thunderstorm! Ponchos on. Tales and I trudge through the rain. The rain stops. Snack break on a rock. Finally to the road at 1:30!

A hitch after a few minutes. A woman who is a diver pulls over and we, plus 2 SOBOs and their dog, hop in. We talk about dogs. She drops us in town. McDonald’s stop, beer store, Price Chopper for resupply and fruit. I call Jeff from the hostel and he picks me up.

To the hostel where I find Grandma Leya, a NOBO couple, and a brother and sister from India visiting the US. Shower. Laundry. Tales and McLovin arrive, too. Write. Cook. Eat. Chat. Plan meeting up with Renee and her parents for the Bluegrass Festival in town tomorrow. Sleep.

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