AT NY-ME Day 19

Sat, Aug 17
Miles: 0

Rest day! Bluegrass festival with Renee.

Wake at 7 to everyone quietly packed up around me in the hostel room that sleeps 4. Downstairs to make breakfast for myself – english muffin, eggs, sausage, pineapple. Pack up. Jeff brings me up town by way of the post office. Thanks for the great stay! I pick up a flimsy emergency poncho at Walgreens before chatting with Grandma Leya at a cute cafe in town.

Renee swings by to pick me up in her Westy, Lucia, and we head over to the Green Mountain Bluegrass and Roots Fest. We listen to the music, scope out the vendors, hang out with her parents Theresa and Paul, sweat and bake in the sun, take a dip in the river, eat their homemade garden food. I get a sunburn. Clouds give us respite.

After Mipsy when we plan to eat chili in the van they announce a severe thunderstorm headed our way, so there’s a pause on the music. We hunker in the van, eat chili, and watch the gray skies, sideways rain, and festival goers depart. The rain stops. A double rainbow! Lovely sunset. Music resumes. Renee and I stay until 10. Sleepy. We depart in Lucia, pull into the campground, shower, then sleep at 11.

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