AT NY-ME Day 20

Sun, Aug 18
Miles: 14.8
Starting/ending: 1652.9-1667.7

Slept till around 8 in Renee’s Westy. I think my incessant night time peeing kept waking up Renee. Dorset Bakery for breakfast burrito, scone, coffee. Another cute little of Vermont village. Renee brings me to the trail and I start hiking around 10am.

3 miles to the top of Bromley. Day hikers and Otter are up there. Love the ski lifts at the top. This one’s running – can you ride it to the bottom? Down 2 miles to Mad Tom Notch where I run into Wooby! He tells me how he almost quit after a bad day yesterday. Glad he didn’t. Snack break. Up to Styles Peak for another snack with Wooby and Ambassador. Over to Peru Peak Shelter where Faceplant, Buttcheeks, Grandma Leya, Otter, and SOBO Joey Dabs are all having lunch. May as well have another snack and catch up.

Hike on up to rocky Baxter Peak where I rest in the sun, take in the view, try to dry my perpetually wet shirt, and listen to podcasts. The goal is to get to camp around 6 or 6:30. I get to Lost Pond shelter at 6 where a big college group is at along with a SOBO hiker. I set up my tent, get water, and rinse in the river. Dinner of Knorr pilaf and salmon. Another SOBO shows up. Then a group of four (including Eyore, Gandalf, For Fucks Sake, and co) who I’ve run into a few times. Into my tent around 7:30 and then the rain begins to fall. I write and go to sleep early.

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