AT NY-ME Day 21

Mon, Aug 19
Miles: 18.6
Starting/ending: 1667.7-1686.3

I sleep ok and wake to my alarm at 6:30. Pack, eat, chat with Eyore. On trail at 7:45. Down 1.5 miles to Big Branch, over the bridge, and to the shelter where I find Wooby and meet No Hitch. Hike and chat with Wooby for a bit. We snack and chat with some overnighters at Little Rock Pond Shelter. An awesome shelter with great bench seating! I hike on.

Up to the rock garden full of little white cairns. White Rocks. I remember hiking past here with both Maggie & Mark and Andrea on two different hikes. Lunch break here with Sunshine. Up to Minerva Hinchey Shelter where I run into a father (Moses) with an external frame pack and his two daughters my age on a three day hike. They leave. I eat a bar. Supervisor arrives. I depart.

Down to Clarendon Gorge for a dip! I join Moses and the 2 daughters with the same idea. The water is surprisingly warm for a river, but refreshing and cleansing. I should be swimming in all the ponds and rivers.

Then time for the one very steep mile up uphill to Clarendon Shelter. I arrive at 6:40, set up camp, and filter water. Lots of folks here and more arriving – some overnighters, Moses and his daughters, Supervisor, Ambassador, Hat Trick, Tadpole, Survivor, Sorchi, Sunshine, No Hitch, etc. An overnighter cuts his foot on a broken bottle and is bleeding profusely. A few thru hikers hop in to bandage his foot. Dinner. Sleep. Tomorrow: up and over Killington! Maybe the Yellow Deli, a cultish group which I’ve heard questionable stories about, but everybody is going there..

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