AT NY-ME Day 22

Tue, Aug 20
Miles: 16.7
Starting/ending: 1686.3-1703.0

Get up at 6:20 from my secluded tent at the Clarendon Shelter. Mashed potatoes and an Epic bar for breakfast are way too filling and not that good, I should stick to oatmeal. I hike with Supervisor on and off toward Killington Peak. We lose the trail for a second at a creek. We break at a river campsite and Sunshine joins us and she takes a dip in the very cold water, brr.

Past Governor Clement Shelter. Past a group from Cornell. Steady climb uphill for 5.2 miles. I arrive around 1 or 1:30 to the spur to the top and break for lunch with Ambassador. No peak for me today, I’ve already done it a few times. Then down, down, down. Past another college group. Past a young woman who went to far past a shelter. Supervisor trots past me, he’s probably trying to catch a bus to Rutland and the Yellow Deli. I’ll probably catch the 5:21. But if I run, too, I can catch the 4:21…

I jog the next 1.3 miles and run the last 0.4. to the road at 5:22! I see Supervisor and cross to meet him. He thinks he missed the bus and we unsuccessfully try to hitch for a minute before the bus picks us up and whisks us the 15 minutes to Rutland and the Yellow Deli. Alright, let’s give this cult a chance.

Shower, laundry, secure a top bunk on the women’s floor, and see that everyone is here. Wooby, Ambassador, Supervisor, Sunshine, Otter, Tales, Socks, Sorchi, Maker, Buttcheeks, Faceplant, and many more that I don’t even catch the names of – probably 40 hikers. Fruit salad and a cinnamon roll.

The co-op is closed so I get too many snacks from Price Chopper instead. Brush teeth, rest my tired legs. Tomorrow is going to be super rainy so I may as well take a zero day… Sleep…

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