AT NY-ME Day 24

Thurs, Aug 22
Miles: 17.3
Starting/ending: 1703.0-1720.3

Wake at 6 after my second night in the Yellow Deli. Leaving today, ready to get back on the trail. Weather is good, no rain. Free breakfast at 7:30. Clean up, remake bed, ready for 9:15 shuttle, but end up catching a ride from a trail angel with No Collar, Two Dinners, Tales, and Socks at 9:40.

On trail at 10. Slow going, my knees are sore and achey and my pack is laden with too much food. Foggy start. At the Maine Junction I bear right onto the AT and split from the LT. Through Gifford Woods State Park and Campground. Along Kent Pond past day hikers and dogs. Thundering Falls. Leapfrog with Tales and Socks. Eat leftover burger. Uphill. Some rain. Power lines. Ups and downs.

Stony Brook Shelter for a break with a handful of others: No Collar, Two Dinners, Tales, Socks, Mad Max, and 2 others. Eat a leftover piece of pizza. Onward. Filter water. Ups and downs. Filter more water and snack and meet Mountain Laurel and Baltar. Slow going toward the Lookout until I realize the time and speed up to catch sunset. Zoom zoom.

I arrive at the Lookout just after Socks and Tales and climb the steep ladder steps to the platform atop the cabin, a Peak Organic blueberry sour beer in tow. Savor the sunset and the beer. Climb down. A handful of folks stay in the cabin. I sleep out on the porch. Sorchi sleeps on the lookout perch.

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