AT NY-ME Day 26

Sat, Aug 24
Miles: 10.2
Starting/ending: 1740.2-1750.4

I wake at 7 in the trail angels yard to the most condensation I’ve ever seen! So much dew! My tent is soaked on the outside and inside and dripping as though it has rained. This is the White River Valley, duh. Of course this is where the cold sense air would go. I get up and chat with Balto and Mountain Laurel before they hike out. Then I chat with Socks and Sorchi. Pack. Socks and Tales leave. Chat with Sorchi, Mad Max, and Double D while drying my shelter in the sun before leaving.

Up and over a hill. I pause for a snack and lo and behold, Tumbledoor comes walking down the trail. We catch up and he hikes off, then I pass Ambassador slack packing in the other direction. Eventually I hit the road where there’s a mile or two road walk to Hanover and Tumbledoor and I walk together. We pass three help-yourself Trail Magic spots! The first has candy and Starbursts, the second has watermelon and homemade chocolate nut bread and the third has water.

In Hanover, the home of Dartmouth College and lots of expensive things, we meet up with Doudge and Ridgerunner. Off to Ramuntos to accept the free slice of pizza for thru hikers. I have some garlic knots and salad too. Afterwards I walk to the expensive Co-op for a few resupply items before calling the Norwich Hostel Shuttle.

Tyger the hostel manager, picks me up and brings me the 4-5 miles there. It’s a new hostel, still getting it’s feet off the ground, but it’s not bad. There I meet Camino Steve from Hungary and a quiet SOBO. Epsom salt bath, laundry, $1 Ben and Jerry’s pint, get my package. No Collar and Maker arrive. Phone conversation with Jared. I eat chicken and salad for dinner. Chat with my mom, text with friends. There are a handful of guys who sleep downstairs while Maker and I are the only women and we share a bunk room for 4 together. We chat. I write and sleep. Tomorrow will be my first full day in New Hampshire.

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