AT NY-ME Day 27

Sun, Aug 25
Miles: 16.1+0.6=16.7
Starting/ending: 1750.4-1766.5

Wake in the hostel and have pancakes and eggs for breakfast. Chat with Maker and No Collar. Pack, drink coffee and Gatorade. Frosty, the owner, wants to talk about all of his travels. I get the shuttle to the Co-op to resume hiking. Is that Redline’s tent I passed? I pee in the woods and almost flash Camino Steve. Whoops! and go the one mile to the next privvy. I ask the people at the shelter if this is the blue-blaze back to the AT and an older guy recommends going the way I came back the 0.2 miles, “sometimes it’s better to go backwards than to go forwards”, he says. Nugget of wisdom.

Decent weather and a good amount of uphill today. I come across Tales and Socks and join them for a snack break. A day hiker gives us a bunch of peaches, thanks! We run into Tadpole and Survivor who are getting dropped off at a road crossing by Tadpoles parents. Tales and Tadpole are both from Nashville and they know the same people. Tadpole’s mom shares tasty homemade heart-shaped ginger cookies with us.

Over Moose Mountain. Good views from the south peak. A break at the top with Tales and Socks and Ambassador. Then up and over Bear Hill. Holt’s Ledge. Down 0.5 to the shelter. It’s relatively close to the Dartmouth Skiway according to the map, where I grew up skiing. The shelter is packed – two large loud groups from Dartmouth, a dozen or more tents, and a handful of hikers in the shelter. I set up my shelter near Buttcheeks and Faceplant, Tadpole and Survivor, Camino Steve, and Ambassador. The privvy here is so full that it’s overflowing. No thanks. Dinner of soup and tostones at the shelter around the campfire. Into my tent at 8. I can’t find my headlamp, I must have left it at the hostel. Damn. Dartmouth kids are very loud but I drift off to sleep… Tomorrow I get close to Glencliff to visit N&C!

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